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Extraordinary! STANLEY Experimental Size Brass Bound Rosewood Level

A gorgeous and extremely rare Stanley brass bound level with breathtaking rosewood.

Among the most prized and sought-after levels by Stanley are their No. 96 and No. 98 brassbound rosewood levels. These beautiful and top-quality offerings from the Stanley Rule & Level Co. were meant to compete with the levels being sold by Stratton Brothers. The Stanley No. 96 was 3 1/8″ tall and the No. 98 was 2 1/8″ tall, and it would seem Stanley experimented with an in-between size at 2 3/4″ tall. Perhaps they intended it to be the No. 97, but we don’t know as the known examples are not marked with a number and were never offered in any catalog. This 16″ example in the 2 3/4″ height is made from a striking piece of rosewood with bold sapwood. I know of only two other levels in this 2 3/4″ height: another in rosewood and one in mahogany. The other rosewood example is in the world’s foremost Stanley collection. A very special Stanley level.

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