Incredible! RUFUS PORTER Type 1 Inclinometer “Plumb & Level Indicator” c. 1846


Rufus Porter is considered by many to be the American da Vinci, a true Renaissance man and genius of his time. A masterful artist and inventor, Porter also published Scientific American where he first advertised his inclinometer as the cover feature in June of 1846. Any type of Porter’s inclinometer is rare, but these type 1 examples are almost unheard of. The illustrated face depicting masons building a wall is far less developed than the later type. Mahogany frame is finely joined and retains its original finish and glass. Pointer retains original bluing and gold gilding on the weight. Measurements are 8 5/8″ x 8 5/8″ square. A very special and important piece of Americana.

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