FINE & RARE Stratton Bros. Tri-Stock Mahogany No. 1 Plumb & Level

As of the writing of his legendary book, American Levels and their Makers, Don Rosebrook had not observed a laminated tri-stock mahogany No. 1 level by Stratton (see the last paragraph on page 75). This 30″ example is one of the best full stock Stratton levels I’ve encountered, retaining nearly all of the bright original lacquer finish on the brass and wood. Choice mahogany with beautiful grain was used for this level, and to top it off a darker contrasting piece was used for the center strip giving a striking look. Both vials are full and working and appear to be original. An interesting thing to note is the letter “C” being stamped in the wood near the top plate. I’ve seen a couple levels marked with an “A”, but no others with a “C”. A special level in fine, honest original condition.